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"Healing Trauma Through Connected Dance"

Sampler Class at New Wave Medicine:

October 21st, Thursday, 5;30pm​

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New Wave Medicine

6-Week Course

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Touch heals, being present to who is in front of you, heals. Resolve trauma and symptoms through connection with partner dance.


As humans, we have the innate ability to regulate each other through our nervous systems. This includes things such as touch, voice, or presence. This is why we naturally seek out some sort of social connection with another person or people. Safe connection requires a very important factor, being able to “synchronize” with someone else. One of the most fun and efficient ways to learn this, is through partner dance. Trauma can affect our sense of relationship with ourselves and others. Healing occurs when we can repair our sense of relationship. Repair your sense of relationship through dance.

Healing Trauma Through Connected Dance

Image by Clarisse Meyer

6-week course