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Experience applied Trauma Studies, Neuroscience & Somatic therapy, in a new and dynamic way! Terra Dusa offers courses geared towards providing knowledge to empower you in your health and heal from Trauma.

All classes explore an aspect of healing necessary for resolving Traumatic Stress:

Self-Trust & Efficacy,

Social Connection & Resonance,

Emotional Regulation & Resilience.

Learn about the impact of trauma on the nervous system and it’s effects on the self, relationship, & lifespan. Then apply your learnings to movement, having fun through play, dance, or yoga trapeze! Use your course to build confidence in your power of choice and free yourself from the looping cycle of trauma.

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Social Connection & Resonance

Trauma disrupts our ability to connect, creating a sense of feeling “not normal” or too “different” from others. Where we experience a sense of being apart, or lonely, maybe even misunderstood or believing we are misunderstanding others from not knowing their expectations. Synchronization or connection with another is a mammalian trait, and as a mammal, it can never be taken away.

Touch heals, being present to who is in front of you, heals. Resolve trauma and symptoms through connection with partner dance.


As humans, we have the innate ability to regulate each other through our nervous systems. This includes things such as touch, voice, or presence. This is why we naturally seek out some sort of social connection with another person or people. Safe connection requires a very important factor, being able to “synchronize” with someone else. One of the most fun and efficient ways to learn this, is through partner dance. Trauma can affect our sense of relationship with ourselves and others. Healing occurs when we can repair our sense of relationship. Repair your sense of relationship through dance.

Healing Trauma Through Connected Dance

Image by Clarisse Meyer
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Self-Trust & Efficacy

Trauma and traumatic stress can affect not only our ability to trust others, but our ability to trust ourselves. Leading to a sense that nothing with turn out, or you will only ever attract difficult happenings. For healing, it is imperative that we rebuild our trust in support: both for ourselves and in being supported.

Cultivating the ability to trust is the healing journey. Allow the Yoga Trapeze to strengthen your confidence in support and being supported. It's an incredible tool that creates accessibility for poses, stretching exercises, and strength building, yet challenges through balance & courage.

If you are not ready to build trust or support in relationship with another person, or simply want to bolster your own sense of self-trust, then attend this class. Learn how movement with the yoga trapeze can help you heal from the impact of trauma, along with amazing physical benefits for the spine and body. Our Nervous Systems are wired for resilience and accommodating to new states of being. A movement practice can help us connect to our innate senses of home & safety, even if we lacked this in our development.

Healing Trauma Through Trust with the Yoga Trapeze

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Emotional Regulation & Resilience 

A sense of safety within the body and your space is imperative to healing from traumatic events. Even if we may not ever had a safe space or experienced a sense of safety and being nurtured, the nervous system is wired to learn it. We can train it through the breath and biofeedback, so you can feel what it’s like to self-regulate and feel comfortable with emotion as it comes.

The breath is the link between the conscious and subconscious mind. Harnessing the breath means increasing the communication with our nervous system. Learn how to consciously ask your nervous system to wake up and prepare for the day, or regulate after a difficult event.


By training with conscious control, we can tap into unresolved emotions, allowing them to release from the body through the breath. The impact of trauma can lead to carrying a heavy burden of grief, anger, fear and loss, coloring how we perceive relationships and future difficult events or stressors. It can feel like even small things maybe too much to bear. What can help is releasing the past unresolved grief or anger so we can better manage daily stressors and have more energy for positive emotions.

Healing Emotional Distress with Breath Training

Breathing Meditation

Experiencing or growing up in a chaotic environment or event can have an impact on our ability to regulate our emotions and handle difficulties. Feeling dysregulated can lead to distress that lasts days to months or repeatedly experiencing heightened distress to change or small inconveniences. This can lead to further cycles of guilt and shame. The ability to regulate not only improves and shortens the amount of distress, but allows us to build a sense of confidence, self-worth, and connection to our intuition. Better regulation leads to better problem-solving skills and better impulse control. 

HRV training includes many benefits, such as improving longevity. Learn about how this training can help you improve the impact of childhood and adult trauma, as well as build practical skills for emotional regulation.

Building Emotional Regulation through HRV

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