Group Psychoeducation

These groups are a combination of Education in Psychology and Therapeutic Intervention. They are meant to provide the participants with information about the physiology of the self while providing tools that lead to self discovery and informed choice over their own mental health. This helps make the transformation completely individual, and tailored to the specific issues that one maybe facing. In group form, these sessions also provide a support system with peers that are working to make effective change in their own lives as well.

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Group Structure

  • 6 - 1 hour sessions set at a consistent weekly time.

  • Option for weekly 15-20mins check in's per individual

  • Sessions will each contain 3 components: Concept-based Learning, Discussion, & Therapeutic Intervention/Activity

  • Each week will have homework to complete. This may include any combination of the following: Journal Prompts, Application of Learned tools, or Self-discovery Activity


Group Requirements

  • Each group will need at least 3 participants.

  • If you are interested in joining a group please find at least 2 other participants or contact me to get on a waiting list for a forming group.

  • All disclosures & questionnaires need to be completed prior to group start date.

  • Reliable internet connection in a space that provides confidentiality for all group members. 


Group Pricing

  • 6-Week Course= 6-1hr Group Sessions: $200 = ~$33.33/hr

  • 6-Week Course w/ Check-ins= 6-1hr Group Sessions & 6- 15-20min individual sessions: $300 = $40/hr


Join a Group!

Painted Heart

Personal Symbolism & Self Exploration

6-week course focused on teasing out the factors that have enhanced and hampered our intuition throughout our life. This course is meant to provide education and tools so that participants can connect to their own rich inner language in a more transformative way.

Offered Times:

  • Fridays: 3p-4p

  • Saturdays: 9a-10a

*If you are already a group of 3 or more, feel free to suggest a weekly time that works for your group.


6-week course focused on interpersonal relationships, through discovery of our intrapersonal relationship with ourselves. Participant will learn tools for self-regulation as well as for building stronger relationships with the people that are most resonant with you.

Offered Times:

  • Fridays: 4-5pm

  • Saturdays: 11a-12p

*If you are already a group of 3 or more, feel free to suggest a weekly time that works for your group.

Image by thom masat