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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Experience a new way to engage healing

through guided exploration of your own personal symbolism

Therapeutic use of Ketamine allows for greater insight into persistent challenging patterns. Trauma can lead the nervous system into a loop of reliving the past, when the original event(s) were very painful or dragged out, we become over sensitized to any additional stressors, especially emotionally. This means we may know the "way out" or see our issue intellectually, but have a hard time feeling as if we can come to a resolution.

Ketamine can help disrupt long-standing patterns allowing for momentary relief and ability to see the core issue from a "big picture" point of view. We can perceive and interpret our experience in a new way. This happens by creating a safe container to experience joy or any other emotions that come up, and experience the symbolism you feel or see, with a provider as a guide.

Structure, Intention, & a Safe Container are imperative for a healing and transformative expereince. Our series is set up so you can get the most benefit from your KAP session. Integration, the act of putting words to experience, memory, and symbols, is key for long-lasting change. Dr. Soto has paired up their unique approach (FNPI) with KAP for an effective structure towards resolution.

Engage an Effective and Supportive Structure

with a full encompassing series

Initial Consultation & Prescription Referral

20 mins

Is KAP right for you? You will receive a full evaluation and a referral to the Ketamine Clinic of Seattle for a Ketamine Lozenge prescription to be used for 3 consecutive KAP sessions.

Preparation & Intention Setting Session

60 mins

Learn the basic frame work of FNPI, an innovative approach that allows for efficient integration of the KAP expereince. We will pinpoint the main core issue and help you set the intention to guide the expereince. 

KAP Session

3 hours

Guided session integrating the structure and your intentions set in the previous appointment. Dr. Soto cares about creating a safe, supportive container where all is welcome during the experience. It is recommended that you have someone drive you to and from your appointment as it is strongly discouraged to drive at least 8hours after ketamine use. For most effective result, please fast 3-4hrs prior to appointment.

Integration Session

60 mins

Discuss and decipher insights and symbolism gained from the experience. Choose what to explore further for the next consecutive sessions. 

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