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A Letter from our Founder: Ketamine is Not a Magic Bullet

Healing Takes Intentionality

Dear Reader,

Prior to 2022, I wouldn't have been caught dead in the psychedelic field. I saw it as an area full of spiritual abuse/bypassing & psychedelic narcissism. (Psychedelic Narcissism = overinflated sense of importance, enlightenment or superiority because of frequent psychedelic use. Leads to beliefs or delusions of possessing elite hierarchy of spiritual knowledge or messaging.)

A chance arrangement lead to my current affiliation with KAP services--by accident. As my career has grown, I sought opportunities to expand, including partnerships. A partnership I had been working on included a clinic that was actively bringing on KAP services. I, being someone who values being well-informed about my networks, decided to take training in KAP from Polaris Insight Center. Then, I thought, I would at least have an understanding as to why a provider or a patient would choose this service, even if it was not my thing.

"Ketamine is NOT a magic bullet." After that first online course, I would later meet Dr. Harvey Schwartz and tell him, the only reason I was present at the KAP training retreat, was because I heard his voice--and I listened. It was probably the MOST intelligent thing I had heard about

the field of psychedelics. These tools are not magic, and if understood through the lens of neurobiology when applying psychotherapy, have a much more simple, much more powerful effect & explanation.

Psychedelics, by mimicking neurotransmitters, amplify what is already there. Allowing more communication between various parts of the brain. This creates a fun phenomena, being able to experience and see your own unique internal language. Ketamine, itself, can be gentle and creates a sense of euphoria. Feeling good puts a pause on patterns that maintain difficult or painful emotions. All of these elements allow for an extraordinary opportunity: to acknowledge the parts that form these patterns, recognize how to resolve them, and reorganize associations to create a new pattern.

Symbolism IS the language of the brain, housed and created by the right hemisphere. The main forté of the right is pattern recognition, the main forté of the left is sequencing. When both communicate effectively, without obstruction from limiting belief systems, they become an incredible solution machine. A part of your Inner Healing Intelligence.

Guidance during the experience & after for integration is integral for transformative healing & change. Understanding & interpreting your own symbolism can be done much more effectively within a structure and safe container. I've applied my approach, Focal Neurocognitive & Physioemotional Integration®, to KAP and created a series to provide the most opportunity for success & resolution. Without it, Ketamine becomes just another substance, fated to a temporary fix that must be taken frequently. You are the one that can change your life, not the Ketamine itself. The opportunity it provides must be approached with intention and conviction to act on insight.

Change is possible AND attainable.

-Dr. Soto

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