A Whole-Person Approach to Trauma

A Practice Make-Over

Terra Dusa has experienced an upgrade! With a huge over-haul to the website. To provide a more effective strategy for healing, I have simplified what I offer into 3 different appointment types--Naturopathic Mental Health, Holistic Counseling & Coaching, and Mindfulness & Nervous System.

Trauma is not just about an intense mental memory, it's about the whole experience of an event or dragged out situation that produced traumatic stress. The experience of each moment is not only stored in the mind, but the nervous system and physiological processes of the body as well. We are whole organisms with physical, chemical, emotional, mental, environmental and relational components. So to affect one, we must address all the rest. To heal, we must move our entire being as one.

How do we do this? Through a well-rounded approach with flexibility in multiple modalities that can affect each component. Some only need to address what is most present and will flourish on their journey forward, others may need to dive into another area before addressing what seems most prominent. Sometimes reading and intellectualizing all the information out there may not be enough for healing if you can't lower the heightened state of your nervous system, so in that case, we must calm the body before full understanding and integration can occur. 

My commitment is to the work--creating an effective and thorough strategy to break the chain. I'm excited about the next step in this Journey. Thank you for being a part of it!

-Dr. Soto

New Appointment Types

All appointments are available through In-Office, Home-visit, & Telehealth.

Naturopathic Mental Health: "Balance the Body, Balance the Mind" Orthomolecular Medicine Physical Medicine

Holistic Counseling & Coaching: "Teach the Mind, Heal the Self" See list of Modalities

Mindfulness & Nervous System: "Release the Pattern, Ease Stress" See list of Modalities

Service Price Changes

To accommodate for my new active ND license, the sliding scale has been adjusted. All current private pay service price contracts will remain intact. This change only applies to any new contracts, new intakes, or new patients.