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Problem #6: Which Trauma do I start with?

Updated: Feb 28

For your course, how do I know which Trauma to start with or do they all stem from the same thing?

Trauma can be defined as the nervous system being stuck in an experience loop. Essentially replaying the experience of the trauma over and over again as if it's occurring in the present, especially when coming across something difficult or challenging. Like perhaps being yelled at or put on the spot by other authority figures which creates a similar feeling to how you felt in a difficult childhood. You may experince a very large response, that could derail you to the point of not being able regulate and could last days, weeks, or even months.

This means that you can resolve the original wounding, regardless of which came first, WITHOUT needing to go back to the original memories. ANY challenge that triggers the looping response can be used as the situation to work with and apply the Active Progress Spiral to. Which will help you start breaking down what the physical response is, how to regulate it, how to pull insight from it, then how to change your approach so you resolve the challenge. Choosing where to start is dependent on what present day situation is most important to you and you'd like to approach differently.

The spiral shows you step by step how to deconstruct any situation to use it for your healing. If you're ready to start, enroll today: Unraveling Resistance: Break the Trauma loop

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