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Honest reviews from past patients and clients.

Medical Manual Therapy & Activator Methods

"Dr. Alina is very professional and knowledgeable. You can tell she is passionate about what she does. She knows so much about the human body and genuinely wants to help people. She's wonderful to work with and I promise you won't be disappointed. 


Dr. Alina is kind and listens. She knows what she is doing and her massage has really helped me feel better, not just during the massage or right after but for days afterwards. Activatior was great! She knew exactly what she was doing and I've felt so much better since the adjustment. Less pain and able to be more active."

Kaitlyn; Seattle WA


"Dr. Alina's hypnotherapy service was such a huge gift to me, and brought me to a deep, mindful place where I was able to process a lot of things going on in my life. 

She is such a warm, authentic person, and easily guided me into a very relaxed state where I was still fully conscious, but able to access my dream state. By gently prompting my intuitive brain with open-ended questions, I was able to see what was going on, and to interpret it all myself in a way that made sense to me. She didn't "lead" me with any preconceived ideas or visualizations, she just held a supportive space for me to go deep.

I highly recommend you reach out to her for such a valuable service!"

Katrina; Calgary, AB Canada

Activator Methods

"Dr. Soto brings such clear passion, dedication and joy into her work. She demonstrates deep understanding and skill in her multiple areas of study. I’ve personally received positive shifts in my own body through working with her and recommend her highly to my clients!"

Jess; Seattle WA

Craniosacral Therapy

"Alina brings her intuitive gifts into her work effortlessly and generously. My session with her was restorative and relaxing . I highly recommend her services."

Caroline; Seattle WA

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