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Terra Dusa Challenge Coin

A unique grounding tool to aid in your mental well-being.


Use as a reminder of your power of choice & manifestation

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Outer Ring

Contains the 4 Aspects of the Self

I Choose
I Create
I Dream
I Am

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Coin webpage.png

Inner Ring

Contains 3 forms of self


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Coin webpage.png


Use as a reminder of your power over your own regulation & abilities

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Outer Ring

Contains the 4 Steps for Grounding

(1) Breathe

(2) Recognize

(3) Focus

(4) Move

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Inner Ring

Compassion & Balance Mantra

"I have been kind, unkind, fair, unfair, just and unjust."

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Coin webpage 2.png
Coin webpage 2.png

Symbolism: Longevity, Profound Perseverance, Strong Partnership

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Suggested Uses:

Our challenge coin is a multiuse tool!

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Mindfulness Tool

The outer rim reminders can be helpful at drawing you back to the present moment. Find out what they represent below:

4 Aspects of the Self

I Choose

The part of the brain that houses the sense of self is simply responsible for cultivating a sense of agency.

This means that a strong sense of self is the ability to not only recognize, but own your choice.

I Create

The only way to manifest intentions and practice self-agency is through action.

The brain is a powerhouse for designing solutions and observing patterns, but seeing is not enough. Action is the only way to produce change and enact the brain's solutions.

I Am

The sense of self is simply the ability to recognize your power of choice to be whoever you'd like at any given moment.

This means identity is malleable, so is personality. You choose which patterns you follow and what you choose to identify with or as. As a brain process, identity is fluid.

I Dream

Your personal symbolism is your own unique language formed by your right brain. This means you get to choose the meaning you create from your experience.

Emotionality is a physical component of the body, and can inhibit higher cognition when intense or extreme. So the brain produces a visual language to help separate difficult emotions from memory to solve what is producing it in the first place and consolidate our experience. This happens in REM sleep. 

4 Steps for Grounding


Inhale 4-6s; Exhale for longer 6-8s; Do this 3 times (or more)

Why? Taking control of the breath is a way to communicate with the nervous system. Fast & Shallow = fear, Slow & Full = calm


Acknowledge what's coming up for you, how it makes sense, and if it's familiar. Tell yourself you will survive. Or whatever you need to to remind yourself the state is temporary.

Why? Being able to name a process reduces emotional intensity by allowing us to reduce immediacy and acknowledge a feeling as a temporary state. This lets us think better long term and reduces impulsivity


Find a focal point to look at, a marker some distance from you or something of interest in the room. You can also have a tactile focal point, such as a grounding tool or an interesting texture. (You can use the coin!)

Why? When in a state of stress or fear, the brain increases blood flow to a part that focuses on threat detection. Heightening awareness of movement, and dilating pupils for zeroing in on it. This means the brain is trying very hard to find a focal point to assess. This helps reduce fear when the focal point is something easy to handle.


Walk to the marker or run/exercise/jump in place/shake it out/ take action

Why? The chemical response to stress and fear is preparing your body for any movement necessary for survival. Hence shallow breathing, muscle tension and rapid heart rate. That energy needs to go somewhere, staying in place can create a sense of feeling trapped which will heighten the response. Movement allows the response to "discharge."

Trinket Hold Technique

Dream Sign

Use the coin itself as a grounding tool:

Use the coin itself as a dreamwork tool:

A grounding technique to reduce stress & anxiety

Take a moment to look at the coin, noticing as many details as possible

Close the coin into your fist. You can choose to close your eyes or relax them

Begin to describe to yourself or visualize as many details as possible: size, weight, temperature, colors, feel, writing, position in your palm, features, etc.

Alternative: you can rub the coin with your fingers trying to feel for the features as you describe them to yourself.

A technique to strengthen awareness

Carry the coin with you, in an easily accessible place. 

Make a habit of taking it out to look at it, and ask yourself:

Have the details changed?
What am I feeling in this moment?
What have I done today that feels familiar?
What patterns have I noticed?
What have I been resisting or accepting?
What has happened differently or changed?

Asking yourself these questions can strengthen your awareness of your daily life and also help promote dreamwork or lucid dreaming

Use other dream work techniques with the coin!

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