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Dr. Alina Soto

Founder & CEO of Terra Dusa & Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth

Creator of Focal Neurocognitive & Physioemotional Integration® (FNPI®)

Creator of InnerTone(TM)


Pronouns: They/Them


Licenses: ND, LMHC


Main Orientation: FNPI®

Client Focus: Individual Adults, Group Coaching

Billing Options: Regence, Premera, Private Pay

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I am so glad you've come, it takes Courage!

You've achieved incredible success, but beneath the surface, you feel unseen and unheard. The truth is, 75% of High Performers share a secret: moderate to severe trauma, including loss, poverty, or abuse. They carry the weight of immense pressure, fear of failure, isolation, and exhaustion.

I offer Focal Neurocognitive & Physio-emotional Integration Therapy, it breaks the mold and is designed specifically for high performers like you. It's a holistic approach that combines Naturopathic Medicine, Transdiagnostics, and Neuroscience to address the interconnectedness of your mind, body, and spirit, addressing all facets of your mental health, including relationships AND the systems we are a part of.

Through this unique approach, you will feel empowered to cultivate healthy systems and make conscious choices that support your well-being. It helps you resolve past trauma, break free from limiting beliefs, gain clarity and focus, overcome self-doubt, and reclaim your authentic self. You finally feel seen, heard, and understood. Taking pleasure in the everyday rather than trapped in the need to perform.

The Healing Journey, is a Journey back to Trust.

Dr. Alina Soto offers the following Service Types:

Naturopathic Mental Health
KAP: Ketamine Assisted Psychtherapy

A Whole-Person Approach,

Demands a Whole-Person Provider


  • Naturopathic Medicine Doctorate & Clinical Counseling Psychology from Bastyr University

  • 15 years combined experience in Physical Medicine & Psychiatric Care

  • 10 years combined experience in Biofeedback and HRV training

  • Post Grad Training: 18hrs Ketamine Assisted PsychoTherapy through Polaris Institute w/ 2  5-day Experiential retreat

Language Proficiency

  • Medical & Conversational Spanish with Heritage Fluency

  • Conversational French

  • Intermediate ASL

  • Basic Swedish

  • Elementary Japanese

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Post-Graduate Training:

The Trauma Research Foundation's Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies


Lead by: Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

(Author of: The Body Keeps the Score)

HeartMath Certified Practitioner
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“You [Dr. Soto]
are a Unicorn in the field of Mental Health.”

Hannah Smith, MA, LMHC, CGP

Founder of Potential Finders Network, LLC

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