All Items will be included in your "Welcome Packet" as a new patient to Terra Dusa.


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Inner Journey Pouch:


  • 1 medium to large tumbled stone

  • 1 Woodland Herbal balm

Petrified wood represents the willingness to look at our past and current patterns, paired with a balm that relieves tension to help clear the mind or promote sleep. This little gift set is meant to help set our intentions and move forward.

Rainbow Colored Pencil:


A 7-color lead for multiple colorful combinations. Represents the uniqueness of our story and how we choose to create it.

Tumbled Gemstone:


Choose from the following varieties: Jasper, quartz, petrified wood, moonstone, smokey quartz, picture jasper, chalcedony. (Leave a note at checkout)

Dispensary through Wellevate

All recommended and prescribed supplements can be found online through Wellevate. As patients of Terra Dusa, you receive a 10% discount off listing price.

Medicinal Salve:


Brain Tension

  • May help Migraines and Tension Headaches

Dream Balm

  • May help as a sleep aid and anxiety relief

(Write which you'd like in a note at checkout. Otherwise one will be sent at random)

Blank Traveler's Journal:


60 pages (30 sheets) of unlined paper to design your process or writing in anyway you'd like. Draw, collage, write, art, on the page and on the cover, too.

Black Document Folder:


A quality item for storing your documents and worksheets. Good for storing your Journal and pencil between exercises.

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