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Mental Health is Multifaceted

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we offer Whole-Person treatment with proficiency in a broad scope of tools

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Nervous System

Mental Health

Meanin of Terra Dusa

Our Story

We are Earth Souls.

Terra Dusa is a combination of the Latin word for "Earth" and the Croatian word for "Soul." This name represents the healing power of nature and our inherent vital force which is from our Earth. We each are born, live, and enter our final rest on this planet, therefore we are always a part of it.

For us this name and logo represent many things, the inner journey, the phases of growth, the family unit, the different bodies of the physical, emotional, and energetic. All of which are components of our greatest lessons and our greatest moments of healing.

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I decided to launch Terra Dusa in the anticipation of my first child. The intention was to create a business that I loved in which I could be a fully present parent and create stability for myself and newborn. As a single parent, this balance is extremely important to me. And I know, that for others, the balance between work, loved ones, and play is also of high importance. Choosing the platform that I have, allows this balance not only for me but for my patients as well.

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Story & Mission


Being able to receive services at home or wherever is most convenient, eliminates the need for more time commuting or being away. You can use your time more effectively without the expense of taking time away from those you love most. You can take care of yourself by seeking the services you need, and by doing so, be more present to your life and those around you. Healing not only happens to the individual, but also to every degree of connection that interacts with them. Bringing healing to yourself, provides healthier interactions which bring healing to others. A lesson I had to go through and learn myself.


My mission is to help guide you to a greater understanding of the self and a larger objective view of community, environment, and evolution of all types, so that you can see what is yours, what is not, and what will help you move forward in a way that brings transformation that best serves you.

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