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Mental Health is Multifaceted

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we offer Whole-Person treatment with proficiency in a broad scope of tools

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Nervous System

Mental Health

Meanin of Terra Dusa

Our Story

We are Earth Souls.

Terra Dusa is a combination of the Latin word for "Earth" and the Croatian word for "Soul." This name represents the healing power of nature and our inherent vital force which is from our Earth. We each are born, live, and enter our final rest on this planet, therefore we are always a part of it.

For us this name and logo represent many things, the inner journey, the phases of growth, the family unit, the different bodies of the physical, emotional, and energetic. All of which are components of our greatest lessons and our greatest moments of healing.

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Mission Goals


To drastically redesign the System of Healthcare

What does this mean? Our current system creates and perpetuates disease, as it doesn’t allow for the providers themselves to take care of themselves or have balanced schedules. Unhappy providers means low quality care for patients.

To heal the collective community wound of our
Healthcare Providers

What does this mean? Our current healthcare providers were raised and trained in a harshly competitive environment that only acknowledges their worth in academic output, not as a person. This environment does not allow for healthy relationships with the self or others, as it creates a vertical power dynamic which isolates and strains both provider and patient. Providers have no space to be human–”or else.” And patients become those who are always “doing it wrong.” Providers learn to fear intimacy and community, because we have been convinced that we have to do it alone. It’s time to change this, because as we have plainly experienced, it is a recipe for resent and burnout.

*We are designing a team-based approach so not one of our providers have to do it alone, and they learn to feel safe in community without needing to be in competition. 

Team Values

Team High Five

Lead by example; Heal thyself first

We cannot lead someone beyond where we ourselves have gone. To improve patient care & outcomes, we must improve our own wellbeing & personal growth.

Acknowledge that healing is a Journey

It’s ok if you feel as though you have not “arrived” or are not “perfect.” Your momentum will create draft for others following a similar path. Like any other human, you will always be moving, adjusting, changing. It’s ok to be just a partial step ahead, keep going!

Be present to Courage

Healing takes courage, because it takes facing hurt and taking steps into the unknown. Trusting and having faith that an experience you may have never fathomed or accessed, does exist and you will get there if you let go of your past perceptions of yourself, others, and life.

Building Community

Not one of us can do it alone, so why expect a single doctor to be their own team? Why expect a patient to only have one provider who supports all areas of life? We choose to nurture connection so what once was a burden of one can now be held gently by many–significantly improving the outcome of success.

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