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Begin Anywhere

Claim your power. Heal your story.

Resolve Trauma using any Tool

Psychotherapy.   Nutrition.   Physical Therapy.   Psychedelic, Integrative, & Naturopathic Medicine

We encompass the Whole of Mental Health.

Your path to well-being is unique, just like you. Trauma's impact can be complex, weaving its way through your body, mind, and spirit. At Terra Dusa, we recognize this, offering a multidisciplinary approach that empowers you to heal on your terms.

Imagine shedding the limitations of trauma and stepping into a vibrant canvas of possibility. At Terra Dusa, we're not therapists, we're co-creators. We offer a kaleidoscope of tools, from Physical Therapy and Nutrition to Psychotherapy and Naturopathic Medicine, to help you paint your own masterpiece of mental and physical well-being. So, pick up your brush, choose your colors, and tell us - where will your first stroke of transformation be made?

Our Services

Foundational Mental Health Services

Main Menta Health Services

Therapy Specialty Services

Spirit & Mindfulness

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