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Administrative Assistant


Pronouns: She/Her


Education: B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of Washington

Aspirations: Attain a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology; Focus & Research in Trauma

Contact: ​

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Hi! I am your friendly front desk staff :)

A little bit about my interests and what I am currently up to:

Demonstrated by my role as a research coordinator of a study on memories of sexual assault victims, I am passionate about researching and advocating for survivors of trauma. The study aims to enhance our comprehension of overall memory processing patterns, establishing a robust scientific foundation to question problematic assumptions regarding the expected recall in cases of sexual assault. 

However, my research experience extends beyond this topic; while attending the University of Washington, I engaged in extensive research covering diverse topics, including PTSD comorbidities, systemic inequalities in mental health resources, and Complex PTSD.


Looking ahead, I aspire to pursue graduate studies to attain a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, focusing on further research into trauma. Specifically, my interest lies in exploring risky behaviors such as substance abuse and the influencing factors in their development, with a particular emphasis on understanding the effects of trauma on these behaviors and patterns. I aim to investigate the dynamics and mechanisms involved in trauma recovery and resilience, with a curiosity about the correlation between psychopathology and risky behaviors. Examining the intersection of risky behaviors, trauma, resilience, and psychopathology is both compelling and crucial, as insights in this area could contribute to interventions and aid in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.

Outside of the clinic, I also work as a barista, basking in the glory of free coffee whenever I please. This has honed my taste buds into a discerning squad, transforming me into a self-proclaimed coffee snob—or, let's keep it classy, a caffeinated connoisseur. ☕️😄

Outside of work, you’ll find me listening to music, whether this be at a concert or just at home curating playlists. Music helps me ground myself and drives my personal connection with myself. I am also currently learning how to crochet and how to read tarot, and I am excited to get these relaxing activities under my belt.

“Whatever may happen the sun will rise tomorrow as it rose today, beneficent and serene.”

– Paul Gauguin

Have questions about scheduling?

Contact Haley and book a time to chat!

Phone: (360) 217-9285


Haley is a recent graduate from the University of Washington, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology through rigorous coursework, research, training, and volunteer work. While pursuing her degree, she volunteered at a children’s therapeutic center, where her roles included helping patients with social skills, creating therapy projects for patients, and providing patient therapeutic interactions. 

Since graduating, she has taken on the role of a research coordinator for a longitudinal University of Washington study on the memory trajectories of sexual assault, where her responsibilities include recruiting and orienting study subjects, populating and analyzing data, assisting in improvement of the survey process, and assisting in developing the design of the study.

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