Mental Healthcare


Uniquely tailored support at home with TeleHealth

Terra Dusa offers a Whole-Person approach in a supportive and action-oriented atmosphere for your transformation and healing

See a provider willing to be present to your story and is proficient in a broad scope of tools to help empower you to have choice in your health

Choose your safe space with TeleHealth--live online video sessions, be at home or anywhere you feel the most comfortable


Coming Soon


  • Holistic Health Counseling

  • Behavioral Health Counseling

  • Grief & Bereavement Counseling

  • Life Transitional Counseling

  • Trauma-informed Counseling

  • Nutritional Counseling


  • Wellness Coaching

  • Chronic Disease: Lifestyle Coaching

Mindfulness & Nervous System

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Dream Analysis

  • Respiratory and HRV Training

News & Updates

  • Only offering Telehealth appointments at this time.

  • Please contact if preferring an in-person visit to make arrangements prior to booking.

  • Naturopathic Visits NOT currently available

  • Insurance Coverage Coming Soon!

  • My Baby was born Jan 13th 2020!!!

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