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Chapter 3 Underway!

Exciting news! I am actively working on lessons about my Active Progress Spiral! Watch the video or continue reading below for the content:

Progress is HAPPENING!

If you've ever felt stuck or trapped, repeating the same conflicts at work, with friends, family or always seem to end up in the same difficult relationships, and you doubt if a different reality of peace is even truly possible. Then this is the course for you.

Hi all's, this is Dr. Alina Soto, Naturopathic Physician, owner and founder of Terra Dusa and the Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth.

Work on Chapter 3 is underway, and it's very exciting because this is where we dive into the Active Progress Spiral. A map which illustrates how the mind and body respond directly after a difficult event or encounter and the process of resolving the impact. Our ability to produce cycles of healing isn't really something that gets talked about--but by understanding these cycles we can guide and harness their power, leading to more efficient resolution of emotional distress, conflict and even the impact of Trauma.

In Unraveling Resistance: Break the Trauma Loop, you will learn how to apply the Active Progress Spiral to your own individual challenge towards resolution. There exists a reality beyond anxiety, depression, meltdowns, persistent nightmares or always waiting for the other shoe to drop. And not only do you get to choose that reality, you can create it.

If you haven't already, head over to the course page by clinking on the link in the description and sign up on the email list so you can be the 1st to know of the upcoming full launch.

Change in possible and Attainable.

This was Dr. Soto with Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth.

I will see you in class.

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