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Problem #4: The "Brain Chemical Imbalance" Myth

Updated: Feb 28

Good News! A "Brain-Chemical Imbalance" is just a marketing phrase (Check out the Psychiatric Times Article). It's not a term that actually exists in medical science, specifically Psychiatry. And we don't actually have much hard evidence that serotonin levels or other neurotransmitters, are a direct cause of depression or anxiety. In fact, we have more compelling evidence of external factors such as: Population density, household size, infrastructure, resource accessibility, food quality, air quality, amount of green space, amount of leisure time, affecting rates of worsening or improving mental health, than we do internal factors.

Good Mental Health is about our ability to build resilience and move through challenges, leading to faster and more complete resolution of impact. And the more difficult your environment, the more un-met needs pile up, the more factors you have taking from you rather than feeding you, the harder and harder it is to build resilience or meet challenges effectively.

So the question is not about whether or not you have a "Brain-Chemical Imbalance" but what are the factors around you that you are actively partaking in that are not supporting your health or wellbeing and therefore affecting your mental health?

My course can help you learn how to resolve impact and build resilience, step by step through practical application of my Active Progress Spiral with concise video instruction, case study, guided workbook and physical techniques to help you find balance through your challenges.

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