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Discover the Benefit of Stepping out of the Trauma Loop

When it hits, it's hard to remember anything beyond pressured anxiety, frustration, or anger driving you to act in ways you may regret later, whether that be snapping at your partner or keeping yourself from standing up for yourself. It's as if you body's a frozen cage and you're trying to flee from your own skin. The gnawing thoughts and sensations can become unbearable.

Why me? Not again. Why am I like this? Why are they against me? They'd probably be better off without me. I can't lose this again.

This space is familiar, and as much as it's hard to admit--predictable. You can keep returning to this space over and over again in a loop, or you can choose to step out. The Trauma Loop is exhausting, sucking the energy out of your life, your relationships, and body.

The biggest benefit to stepping out, is getting that energy back! Making it easier to think, to be present, rather than be consumed by the heavy doom cloud of familiar painful narratives. Chronically using up your energy in this way leads to physical symptoms: brain fog, memory issues, loss of interest in fun activities, and chronic fatigue.

Good news, redirecting your energy towards resolving the loop and into an Active Progress Spiral, can lead to improvement in all theses issues. Understanding how to work with your body and mind's natural integration process, teaches you how to regulate your nervous system and drive your own growth and healing.

If you're ready to take back your energy by stepping out of the Trauma Loop, then the Unraveling Resistance: Break the Trauma Loop mini-course is for you!


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