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Does this Mini-Course fit you?

Feeling Stuck? Then this Mini-Course is for you!

The way I describe the specialty of Trauma and Traumatic Stress, is that it's more of a "Generalist's" specialty.


Trauma is about the IMPACT, not about the difficult event itself. This means essentially anything can create Trauma, even the most mundane and common human experinces--given the right factors. On the flipside, this also means we can bounce back from just about anything, and people have.

Trauma can be defined as being stuck in a repetitive loop of an unresolved problem. As if you are reliving the past in the present. The thing is, this is a similar pattern to all unresolved issues. Once something has become integrated to a belief system or to an identity. It will color your perception in all current experince.

For example, if you've convinced yourself that you are not enough, whether it stemmed from chronic abuse or an experince of being slower than the rest of your peers durring P.E. class--you will still develop social anxiety, depression, a sense of isolation or "being different" from others. Your mental health will be impacted by this lens of "I am not enough." Every difficult mental health experince has a root. These roots are part of the human experince, and much, much more common than you may think or believe.

The human body and brain have an innate ability to move through and resolve the pain points of the human experince. I've mapped out this process and will walk you through each stage in the mini-course, Unraveling Resistance: Break the Trauma Loop.

If you are unsure if this course is right for you, remember this: You have the power to choose change. Once you do, your transformation is guaranteed. My mini-course can help get you there.

Check out who else may benefit from this course by visiting the course page and scrolling to the section: "Who should take this Mini-Course." Remind you of anyone? Feel free to share the link or this blog post!


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