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Empathy is NOT about solving someone else's Problems

Updated: Feb 28

Empathy is NOT about resolving someone else's emotions. That is actually biologically impossible. Empathy is the neurobiological skill of being able to read, through observation, the experince that the person is having in front of you. It's run by your Mirror Neuron System which take a small snapshot of what you are observing so you can translate it. How well you translate it is based off of your own ability to recognize your own emotional experience. Which means you can only perceive that which is similar to you.

This skill is meant for understanding what's in front of you, NOT to take it on. The only person who will be able to resolve the emotional state is the person who's nervous system created the emotional state in the first place. No one else has that person's lived experience, therefore can't actually know why, when, or how this experience has come about, what impacted it, nor how to solve it.

Taking on someone else's stuff will only lead to distress and confusion, because there is no answer, you do not have the pieces to the puzzle. Empathy widens the door for connection and safety, but it is up to the person with the difficult experience to say what they need because they are the only one with the pieces to resolve it.

My course can teach you how to tell the difference between empathy and enmeshment. Empathy takes a lot more logic than you may realize. So if you are ready for a healthier experience of connection, Enroll today in Unraveling Resistance: Break the Trauma loop.

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