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Language Connects (in ASL)

Updated: Feb 28

Trauma is about Impact, NOT the event itself. When it comes to childhood Trauma, sometimes that is more difficult to identify. When we experince a difficult event that was created by the person who raised us, it can sometimes seem like once was enough to generate a lasting impact. The issue here is that generally that person does not change and continues similar behaviors, that is what creates lasting impact, not necessarily the main event, but the lack of support.

If your family never learned to communicate with you, that can lead to long lasting impact. Which is similar to the the type of experinces a deaf person may have.

Imagine being in a community where no one wants or refuses to speak with you because it takes too much effort and much rather ignore you. That builds up resent and anger, and feeling as though you are not important.

To heal from Trauma, people need connection. Language Connects.

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