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Make more room for Intimacy

Updated: Jun 10

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Spend energy on what NOURISHES you

Intimacy takes energy, yet nourishes you back. Running through worries, arguments, fears, mistakes, over and over again take energy too, but leaves you lacking more with each round. As humans we can only maintain so much until we are stretched thin, and there's no room for what feeds us.

Stepping out of the Trauma loop will create more space to invite in what nourishes you and resolve what depletes you.

If you are looking to create more intimacy, my course can help you reduce the amount of energy spent on exhausting patterns which leave you too emotionally depleted to maintain relationships or create new ones.

Enroll today and learn to apply an innovative and effective approach to mental health so you can improve the amount of authentic connection and intimacy within relationship.

I will see you, in class,

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