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My Greatest Heartbreak

Updated: Feb 28

Patient stories of reinjury by mental health providers, has been my greatest heartbreak.

I can recognize how devastating and isolating that must feel, where you've finally built the courage to ask for help, and then are further injured by the quality of help received. The worst part is, those experiences create a sense of helplessness and belief that there is no help to be received. You're alone.

I designed my approach, FNPI® and the Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth so I could do my part in raising quality of accessible resources for those who may have been injured or have lost faith and trust in providers because of previous difficult experinces.

Self-Therapy can help you heal and rebuild the trust in yourself, which can then help you identify quality providers. You get to be choosy, it's a right. Check out my course: Unraveling Resistance Break the Trauma Loop.

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