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What are People Saying About Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy?

"This fall, I did the Ketamine treatment with Dr. Alina. I have worked for years on a problem and was pretty sure it was not my fault. During the ketamine session, I was aware and able to have a little more space to see my part. I have completely changed my behavior and it has been a few months. Thank you so much Dr. Alina!"

- Anne P., Seattle

"This feels real. I've done CBT with other Therapists and other work, but, none of it felt real. The work we are doing now, this is real, everything you [Dr. Soto] have said, I feel it, it's real. It's like you've lived it."

-Wayne H., Sammamish

"Dr. Soto brings such clear passion, dedication and joy into their work."

- Jess Jaris, LMHC; Seattle

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