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Not Ready for Therapy? No Problem!

Updated: Feb 28

Let's address some common problems when it comes to improving mental health:

Problem #1: I am NOT ready for Therapy. How is it relevant to me or what do I even do in therapy?

This is a very valid hesitation, types of therapy can vary wildly as well as their quality, and most people don’t' get taught about how to approach it or find a good fit in terms of modality or provider.

Taking a step into self-therapy, books, courses, workshops, groups, can be a helpful place to start learning what therapy entails and how to approach it.

I include a chapter in my course that provides a baseline for understanding what mental health is, its various aspects and how to approach healing by encompassing the whole. This can give you valuable insight as far as what to look for in a therapeutic modality or approach and what to look for in a therapist.

The Therapeutic relationship is a hugely important part of effective therapy. Remember that this means it includes you as an individual and all the parts you bring to the table.

Get started off right and prepared to make informed choices about your mental health. Enroll in my course, Unraveling Resistance: Break the Trauma Loop by visiting my page

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