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PRE-LAUNCH: Unraveling Resistance: Break the Trauma Loop

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth is busily working on developing and refining it's first mini-course! More Updates to come. Prefer to read? Head down below!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my PRE-launch video. I am Dr. Alina Soto, owner and founder of Terra Dusa-Holistic Mental Health, and a brand-new venture: the Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth.

My first mini-course: Unraveling Resistance: Break the Trauma Loop, is officially in the PRE-launch stages and set to launch in early to mid year. I know this mini-course contains digestible content and information that will be helpful to many people at all stages of the healing Journey.

One of the most challenging experinces to navigate is the emotional distress after feeling hurt, humiliated, unacknowledged, unsafe, disconnected or abandoned in a moment of vulnerability. Whether that meant being a child, unfairly singled out, or experincing physical pain--a moment in which you were unable to fend for yourself and a hard thing happened anyway.

This type of challenge is way more common than you think, and not a sign of weakness, but of the fact that you inhabit a mammalian body, with a brain and nervous system. Which means how we respond in distress is measurable and predictable.

You can learn to implement actionable steps to regulate and resolve emotional distress and how to effectively navigate through any future challenges. To the point that it feels less intense, less frequent, and the fear-based patterns that were maintaining a loop of emotional distress such as avoidance, resistance, withdrawal, disassociation, or reactivity, can dissolve.

I've experienced it myself and have seen it happen in my patients. I want to share this experience so I mapped it out into 2 diagrams: The Active Progress Spiral and Active Resistance Loop. I began to teach it to my patients and now through my new mini-course, I'd like to teach it to you.

Every time someone sees my 2 diagrams, patient or not. I see their eyebrows go up in surprise, shock, even disbelief. And all I hear is: "Yep, I can see myself in all these stages. That's me. I remember this or I remember when I was there." So I know I have mapped out a very common and inevitable process that can be navigated AND resolved.

Trauma can be resolved, and its predictable in its process. The Key is understanding the stages and why they are happening. To allow you to take more productive action. Because the process is actually meant to help you move forward. But in the midst of difficult or painful emotion, that can be hard to see.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to share a quality and effective resource. All you need to take my course is the desire for change. Anyone can learn how to apply these maps. So join me in my PRE-Launch, sign up on the email list by checking out the link in the description and sharing with anyone you believe may benefit from learning to step out of the Trauma Loop.

During your consideration of my mini-course, please keep this in mind:

  1. Trauma can be resolved

  2. Being hurt in a moment of vulnerability is a common experience of which the response is measurable, predictable, and how to navigate it can be taught.

Thank you so much for watching my PRE-Launch video. I hope you join me in this new adventure! This was Dr. Alina Soto with the Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth.

Change is possible and ATTAINABLE.

I will see you in class.


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