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I've been busy working on a new service from Terra Dusa: the Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth. A space providing quality Mental Health education for your personal growth & healing.

The turbulence kicked up a notch this month, my family and I are just recovering from an intense sick season, which means I fell behind on the goal I had for myself--to finish my mini-course by March 31st. It's looking like there will be a bit more wait time than anticipated. The good news is, when I got back to creating content, I realized the course is going to bigger than originally estimated. 3.5hrs of total online video lessons is going to end up being 5+! AND this DOES NOT INCLUDE the bonus audio lesson, total application & technique video time, nor the extra content time of the full companion workbook!

This course will be JAM-PACKED with easy to execute plans, guides, and techniques to help you succeed at stepping out of the Trauma Loop and unraveling what keeps holding you back!

Since the course will contain much more valuable content, the final pricing will be higher than originally estimated. I've decided to honor what was advertised at the beginning of the PRELAUNCH (97$) as an Early Bird Discount! Save your spot in the course during the month of March before the new estimated count comes in.

The #1 thing I've been asked for is concrete application so you can DO something towards resolution. So many of my patients come to me done with talking about it and wanting to take action--but didn't know where to start or what to DO.

I've made sure to take this into account as I've built this course. Get ready to take action. If you'd like to keep up to date on course progress and release day, subscribe to the Terra Dusa Academy email list by visiting the course page.

Video Content:

Every time I share the Active Progress Spiral and Active Resistance loop with anyone, the feedback I get consistently is "That's me. I've seen this play out in myself, I've observed this in other people, my friends, my partners. I recognize all these stages."

So, I know I have mapped out an accurate portrayal of an innate process, that can be harnessed to help you step out of the Trauma Loop and resolve it.

If you are ready to choose change, learn and apply an effective approach to healing, enroll today and save your spot in my course. Unraveling Resistance: Break the Trauma Loop.

I'm Dr. Alina Soto, Owner and Founder of the Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth.

I will see you in class.

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