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Problem #2: I've tried it ALL

Updated: Feb 28

I've tried all the treatments and changes that are "suppose to work for everyone else" but they haven't worked for ME.

This makes a lot of sense. Life style change is about your unique approach, not what "should work" for everyone else. It begins by flushing out your why and setting a strong focal point that matters TO YOU. If your why behind doing a treatment or change that worked for someone else, is just because everyone else is doing it, you're going to get a result that does not suit you.

With a well constructed why and a Focal Point or end goal that has meaning to you, you can start anywhere, whatever you choose to do for your growth can bring healing and transformative change. Running, Meditation, a cooking class, learning better communication, going to therapy, or reading that self-help book.

Any of these things will allowing you test for yourself what it is that you actually like, and creates joy or a sense of safety. Then you will know what to do more of and how it works for you or what to stop. Our nervous systems are shaped by our habits, this includes how we are used to approaching something. You're the only one living your experience, so what needs to change about your approach so you can get your chosen wellness tool to work for you?

The Active Progress Spiral I've designed, can be applied to help you map-out your own treatment plan and learn about why that works at the basic neuro-biological level. If you're ready to stop chasing after what everyone else is doing and learn how to define what meets your needs, Enroll in my course: Unraveling Resistance: Break the Trauma Loop

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