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Problem 3: What if I CAN'T find a "Trauma" in my Past???

Updated: Feb 28

What if there is no "Trauma" I can find? What if I can't pinpoint the event that set it all off?

I come across this hesitation quite often, and it comes from seeking comparisons. What is considered traumatic or extreme, versus just everyday difficulties is based off of individual perception and is subjective to the individual experince. The stereotypical "good life" where you were clothed, fed, and experinced some privileges, so you can't or aren't allow to complain, doesn't necessarily describe healthy relational habits. Normally what is modeled to you is what you will consider to be "normal" but that does not mean healthy.

Anything that has convinced you that you are separate from and do not belong to the whole because you are "broken" or "different" or "difficult" or "unrelatable." WILL generate a response very similar to Trauma.

The question to focus on is this: "What have you convinced yourself about your identity and how is it impacting you?"

My course can help you not only figure out this Core Belief about yourself, but also how to resolve it's impact. Learn to pinpoint and acknowledge your own individual factors that are currently affecting your mental health and why by applying the Active Progress Spiral and Active Resistance Loop.

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