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Problem #5: Therapy is Too Expensive

Updated: Feb 28

Therapy is too Expensive!

Yes. Investing in your Health is going to take time and finances. Which is why it's important to be prepared before engaging in Therapy so you can get the most benefit out of your precious resources going towards your mental health and growth.

This takes defining your goal and your approach BEFORE making a commitment. What's the point of seeing a therapist if you're not interested in changing your patterns or expect the therapist to take away your problems? They're people too and don't have magic powers, you both have to meet each other halfway.

Ideally with presence, engagement, and intention.

If you are not ready for the cost of weekly sessions, my course can provide a strong foundation and direction to help you be much more prepared, and better equipped to make an informed decision about how to approach therapy and what to look for to support your healing. For the cost of a single session, you can get about 6 months of information and insight that I share with my own patients. .

Self Therapy can be an effective place to start or provide extra support for your mental health. Invest for your success and

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