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Terra Dusa Academy Reveal

There is a NEW resource at Terra Dusa! The Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth. Want to know more? Keep on reading or watch the video:

Hello everyone! This is Dr. Alina Soto with Terra Dusa, and I am here to tell you about my new website: Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth, found at In this video, I will dive in to why I created my Academy in the first place. Spoiler alert, I created it for you.

Why did I create the Terra Dusa Academy for integrative growth?

I recognized a need for better education around the self. There is a lot of shame around a differentiated self. There is a lot out there on basic human mammal instinct for social connection, but not enough around what actually makes connection healthy: a differentiated self.

A differentiated self is NOT an isolated self, nor a picking of sides between individualism vs collectivism. I find that even in this culture that is considered individualistic, there is a lot of shame around self-care, self advocacy, self-sufficiency, or acceptance of unique individual traits, talents, or features. There is a lack of celebration of these things, rather they are considered "selfish" although they are the back-bone for healthy relationships of all types, and strong cohesive community.

To understand other's uniqueness and depth, you must first become intimate with your own. Otherwise you will always give from a place of lack, trying to give others what you think you lack or what you think other's "should have", rather than what the person in front of you, actually needs. This breeds a lack of acknowledgement, resent, and isolation on both ends. Which leads to feeling unseen, unheard, and that you are not enough. Therefore, leading to an isolated self and disconnection. An obsession with what you do not have.

This can lead to very unhealthy relationships, with strong codependent features, a desire to enmesh with someone else. Or with strong avoidant or withdrawal features, leading to self-created isolation, conflict, emotional suppression and disassociation.

The key to healing from all this is to cultivate and maintain a healthy nourishment of your own differentiated self. To harness your power of self-agency and self-recognition as powerful creative forces to design the life you want to live. In healthy relationship to yourself and others.

My academy will contain courses detailing how this is possible. Change is real, and attainable. My first course will break down the meat and bones of my approach for Holistic Mental Health: Focal Neurocognitive and Physioemotional Integration. You will learn how to create a focal point, build a solid structure of self, and how to integrate these tools into a larger system, such as a relationship or community.

Want to keep updated for the big launch? Subscribe on the youtube channel @TerraDusa or head to the website: to subscribe to the email list.


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