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Terra Dusa's Personality

Updated: Feb 28

My sun sign is a Cancer, the one that side steps bullshit then cuts straight to the core. Water and Air, a balance between emotionality and intellect. My business helps you harness emotional energy through the power of knowledge, why? Fun neuroscience fact--Intelligence can be TAUGHT.

My name is Dr. Alina Soto, the force behind Terra Dusa and the Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth.

"I do what I want." That's been my motto since I popped out in 1988 and it drove my parents nuts--to this day. The only difference being, I've mastered biding my time for the perfect moment to strike. And believe it or not, I was today years old when I realized how much that vibe has impacted the personality of my business.

When I chose to birth Terra Dusa, I made the commitment to step off the worn path so I wouldn't be distracted by chasing after checklists of symptoms. And instead redesign what it meant to support mental health by approaching it through the lens of multidisciplinary integration. Smashing together Naturopathic Medicine, Transdiagnostics, Neuroscience, and Trauma Studies. This attracted a community of highly intelligent Folk who could talk circles around any therapist, and were frustrated in their search for help that was effective for them. Building more and more resentment for the medical community with each negative experience. Were they just too smart, too educated? Was everyone else just not?

This community helped shape and enhance the crab-magic of my business and approach. I intentionally chose to side step what I call the logic prison or the superficial narrative. You can argue nuances of symptoms, and numbers, and all the reasons why you can't, or can, or shoulda-woulda-could all day, for years. But do you know what neurologically causes the logic prison in the brain? Fear. If someone begins their story with a wall of intellectualization--they're scared.

Here's the truth about logic, logic means looking at all variables of an equation, if you are denying or amplifying the importance of a variable, such as emotionality. You do NOT have the full equation, therefore cannot be operating from a place of logic.

If you've retreated in to your head, that means you've learned to view the body as a source of pain and lack, not pleasure. This can include lack of authentic connection, Lack of emotional nourishment, Pain from feeling unheard and unseen. All things that still suck even if you're the smartest person in the world. Humans are social mammals and it hurts when our needs are not met, including the relational.

Emotions are physical and chemical components of your body and cannot be amputated. Therefore, it is not only an important but impactful variable. This understanding allowed me to see the core that lies behind a defensive intellect--fear, shame, and the pain of isolation. So instead of engaging it, I choose to be present to the root.

My brand is about challenging you to redefine your approach to knowledge as a tool, own your power of choice, and hold gently your intimate hurts with honor and acknowledgement, so you can take control of your mental health and do what you want. Our personality is colorful, a nod to the unique energy spectrum within, yet gets to the point. I chose to walk my own path, keep true to my heart, and own that I am just blunt as hell.

If you're ready to get to the root and own your path to healing, visit our booking page for a free consultation, or enroll in my course: Unraveling Resistance: Break the Trauma Loop.

With Terra Dusa, we side step the bull and get shit done.

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