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Trauma & the Deaf Community in ASL

Updated: Feb 28

Hi! I am learning ASL, why? Because as a Trauma Therapist I know that one of the most susceptible communities to Trauma are the DEAF. Imagine waking up in a foreign country surrounded by language and communication you cannot understand, no one around you knows your language bc in their world, it's unnecessary, so they don't try or ignore you. Now imagine feeling that way in your family, your home, your school, and your own country. Having a disability, can lead to many miscommunications and situations that can be scary and confusing and create a big difficult impact. Isolation, depression, anxiety, anger, feeling unseen and unheard. All of which cannot be resolved or take a long time bc very few people speak your language that can help.

My first language is Spanish, so I know first hand the power of communicating with patients in their native language. I believe that as a provider I am to build bridges. Language can be a powerful healing tool.

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