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Traumatic Stress is technically normal

Updated: Feb 28

One of the biggest misconceptions about trauma is that is has to be something EXTREME.

Anxiety and Depression tend to coincide together for a reason, they are simply human responses to increased stress.

Traumatic Stress is technically normal. After experiencing an overwhelming event that causes hurt or fear, it makes sense that you are going to have some intense feelings of hurt or fear. Evolutionary this is really important for survival. Let's say a sabertooth tiger takes out your friend right in front of you. Having a detailed memory of what a sabertooth tiger looks like, smells like, moves like, and is capable of doing, as well as where you encountered it is all extremely important to make sure you do not come across the same fate.

Traumatic Stress is a process of creating peak moments of heightened awareness or hyper-vigilance, so ideally you are able to recognize what is safe and what is not. If you are in your cave, safe and warm, that peak of intensity serves to help you make sure the sabertooth is not around and that you actually are safe in your cave. Ideally that safety includes the comfort of your community, who are able to confirm back to you that the sabertooth is not around.

Understanding that this process is normal, and makes sense given a traumatic experince, can help you navigate it. The key here is learning to see what's safe in the present. My course helps you identify key components of the process and how to move through it.

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