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Naturopathic Medicine:

Naturopathic Medicine offers a broader set of tools for the practicing Physician. Not only do Naturopathic Physicians receive education in prescription and pharmacology of conventional pharmaceuticals, they also receive education and training in the use of Herbal/Botanical Medicine, Physical Medicine, Counseling, IV Therapy, Homeopathy, Minor Surgery, Phlebotomy, and Nutrition.

They must also be educated and trained in the same evidence-based subjects that all Medical Physicians must learn, such as Diagnostics, Pathology, Infectious Disease, Immunology, Research Analysis, Physical Exam, Treatment and Management of Acute and Chronic Disease, and Imaging, just to name a few.

In short, the main aim is to raise quality of life, and increase health through healthful living and eating to ensure the body has what it needs to prevent disease or further decline. We are Prevention Specialists.

What is Naturopathic Medicine?: About

Naturopathic Principles

  1. Primum non nocere

    • First Do No Harm

      • Naturopathic Medicine begins with the least invasive course first

  2. Vis medicatrix naturae

    • Nature is medicine or the healing power of nature

      • The body has a natural ability to heal and nature can provide the missing pieces

  3. Tolle causam

    • Treat the Cause

      • Bring the entire system (Body, Mind, Spirit) back to health by looking at the cause rather than just alleviating the symptoms, therefore stalling and potentially reversing progression of disease

  4. Tolle totum

    • Treat the Whole

      • A holistic approach that addresses the physical, the mental, the intangible and allows for a lifestyle change to promote health

  5. Docere

    • Physician as Teacher

      • The Physician has a duty to inform, teach and counsel a patient about their issue and how to go forward through management, treatment and lifestyle change.

  6. Praevenire

    • Prevention is the Cure

      • Lead a Healthful life to avoid preventable disease.​

What is Naturopathic Medicine?: Text

Naturopathic Physician's Oath

I dedicate myself to the service of humanity as a practitioner of the art and science of Naturopathic medicine.

I will honor my teachers and all who have preserved and developed this knowledge and dedicate myself to supporting the growth and evolution of Naturopathic medicine. I will endeavor to continually improve my abilities as a healer through study, reflection, and genuine concern for humanity. I will impart knowledge of the advanced healing arts to dedicated colleagues and students.

Through precept, lecture, and example, I will assist and encourage others to strengthen their health, reduce risks for disease, and preserve the health of our planet for ourselves, our families, and future generations.

According to my best ability and judgment, I will use methods of treatment which follow the principles of Naturopathic medicine:

First of all, to do no harm.

To act in cooperation with the Healing Power of Nature.

To address the fundamental causes of disease.

To heal the whole person through individualized treatment.

To teach the principles of healthy living and preventive medicine.

I will conduct my life and the practice of Naturopathic health care with vigilance, integrity, and freedom from prejudice. I will abstain from voluntary acts of injustice and corruption. I will keep confidential whatever I am privileged to witness, whether professionally or privately, that should not be divulged.

With my whole heart, before this gathering of witnesses, as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, I pledge to remain true to this oath.

*As Adopted by the AANP (1992)

What is Naturopathic Medicine?: Text
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