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Exclusive Look at Our KAP Series

Why do we have a KAP Series? As you read in the Q&A, it's the psychotherapy which enhances and extends the positive outcomes of the Ketamine treatment, before, during, and after. Terra Dusa provides an efficient structure to maximize the benefit from increased insight and introspection. While also bolstering the therapeutic container.

Having a psychedelic experience is not enough in itself to produce insight, there needs to be a focal intent, a why to entering an altered state. This helps the session be guided towards specific issues that you'd like to address and take advantage of a potentially transformative moment of clarity. The integration session is to help you make further sense of your experience and address any insights that develop in the days after your KAP experience. So every KAP session scheduled will always be paired with a Prep session prior and an Integration session afterwards.

  1. Initial Consultation & Prescription Referral: 20- 60mins

  2. Preparation & Intention Setting Session: 60 mins Learn the basic frame work of FNPI®, an innovative approach that allows for efficient integration of the KAP experience. We will pinpoint the main core issue and help you set the intention to guide the experience. This includes creating a set of questions that will be asked during the KAP session.

  3. KAP Session: 3 hours Guided session integrating the structure and your intentions set in the previous appointment. Dr. Soto cares about creating a safe, supportive container where all is welcome during the experience. It is recommended that you have someone drive you to and from your appointment as it is strongly discouraged to drive at least 8hours after ketamine use. For most effective result, please fast 3-4hrs prior to appointment.

  4. Integration Session: 60 mins Discuss and decipher insights and symbolism gained from the experience. Choose what to explore further for the next consecutive sessions.

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What Happens after Booking?

A Free Discovery Call!

Once you schedule your Free Discovery Call, we will discuss any questions you may have and schedule out your KAP Series Sessions. These are virtual and you will receive an invite to your patient portal, there you will find your link to the session.

Pricing & Insurance:

The KAP session itself is a non-covered service, insurance does not currently offer reimbursement. The 3hr session is offered at $900 (standard physician hourly rate: $300 per hour). All other sessions that do not involve use of Ketamine are covered by insurance. Terra Dusa is currently in-network with Regence & Premera.

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