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How can relationships be mended by healing trauma?

After experiencing traumatic events, people will often find that their relationships with those around them are affected, including those of a romantic nature. Experiencing trauma can make it hard to trust others and may lead to fear of harm in relationships. Survivors may feel vulnerable and confused about safety, making it challenging to form close bonds. Some may react with anger and aggression, either to regain control or due to heightened sensitivity to threats.

Also, trauma can profoundly affect an individual's sense of self. Survivors may grapple with intense shame, guilt, or feelings of being unlovable. They may withdraw from relationships, struggle with emotional numbness, and find it challenging to express positive emotions or engage in fulfilling intimacy.

However, there are ways to help mend relationships affected by trauma, one of these methods being Holistic Couples Therapy. In this form of therapy, the therapist and client(s) look at the self as a whole, considering the body, mind, soul, relationships, and systems. Holistic couples therapy includes taking all aspects of a relationship into consideration, as opposed to just an individual problem. Without utilizing a holistic approach, it may be difficult to see and target the dynamic of a relationship and all aspects of the problem(s).

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