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Introduction to Terra Dusa

Curious about what I do and how I can help? Feel free to watch the video or continue reading below:


My name is Dr. Alina Soto, my pronouns are they/them, I am the owner and founder of Terra Dusa. As a Naturopathic Physician, I specialize in Mental Health, specifically Trauma and Traumatic Stress.

A lot of my patients struggled with finding providers whose approach moved beyond simply labeling a diagnosis and applying convoluted regimen of meds. Although this approach may have relieved some symptoms short-term and can be a helpful tool when necessary, my patients felt frustrated with the lack of tools when it came to stepping out of spiraling thoughts or challenging relationship dynamics that just seemed to just be stuck on replay, or having the ability to act on larger dreams or goals without feeling trapped, undeserving, or self-sabotaging. Because the root fear and pain, the unresolved trauma was still there, unaddressed, perpetuating patterns that lead to symptoms.

They had a sense that there must be more, or a different way out there. But, where to look? And what are we even looking for? Google psych approaches and you get an overwhelming plethora of information. This is why I designed Focal Neurocognitive and Physio-emotional Integration, or FNPI, an approach that draws from Naturopathic Medicine, Neuroscience, Trans-diagnostics, and Trauma Studies. A holistic combo that centers around the questions:

  1. What happened?

  2. What Makes Sense?

  3. And how do I move forward into a different, less fearful, less painful way of being?

This approach does this by nurturing your power of choice and encompassing the whole of mental health. I'm here to help you untangled the echoes of a wounded past from your present, so you can choose to live in a future free from terrifying and confusing spirals, painful relationships, and getting in your own way when it comes to who you want to be and how you want to live.

Learn more on my website: and stay tuned for new products and courses.

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