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Terra Dusa's Foundation

Curious about what makes up our fundamental approach? Check out the video or keep reading for the transcript below:

Terra Dusa was created to encompass the whole of mental health and align it according to each individual's path.

I recognized a need for integration between "mental health" and "physical health" medicines. I didn't have much luck at first when it came to finding a profession or job that worked within this mindset, so I decided to design it.

Through my work with patients and my multidisciplinary study, combining neuroscience, psychology, naturopathic medicine and trauma work, I designed a theoretical orientation that takes into account not only physiological and psychological aspects of mental health, but includes acknowledgement of the systems were apart of. Such as Relationships, both to the self and others, including the nuances of behavior and belief structures.

Every pattern, every belief, every behavior, everything we have chosen to form our personality or identity is malleable. And, you can choose what it becomes, at any point in your life as long as you are still breathing. This isn't just motivational stuffs, this is what we know about the brain and how it works.

My business aims to empower the super-ability we all share--choice. Through owning our choice, we can ignite powerful & transformative healing, regardless of condition or severity.

So today I ask you to redefine what you believe about limits, and ask, how am I limiting myself? What got me to this point of resistance? And can I build the courage to choose differently?

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